About us

and about our style of travel

You'll be traveling with a wine importer (Dan) and former pastry chef (Elizabeth) who have always preferred the road less traveled (by tourists, that is.)  Using our expertise and contacts, we'll provide you with a curated travel schedule - centered on food and wine - that you couldn't create on your own, with a travel agent, or from a guidebook.


We'll take you to the places we love - places that have inspired new meals, new friendships, and new life choices.


These are not "compendium of knowledge" trips. You're not going to come away with a Master of Wine or a culinary degree. But you will go home with what hopefully amounts to a newfound enjoyment and appreciation of food and wine made by small producers we have come to know as friends.


In short, we'll help you make great memories!

Our trips are small - just eight guests in one van. We'll eat together, drink together, and take walks together. But don't worry. If and when you need some private space and time, you'll have it.


If you have a lot of dietary restrictions, and don't like to travel light, these might not be the trips for you. We'll visit chilly cellars, wind-swept mountaintops, foggy vineyards, and perhaps hike up a river. There will be cobblestone streets and long, exhilarating days, each of which will end with an amazing meal and a comfortable bed. We'll make it worthwhile to be 5,000 miles from home.


Dan Beekley:

Owner and managing partner of CorksCru Wine Merchants (located in Portland, Oregon) and RoadCru Wine Imports, Dan has spent his entire professional life in the wine industry. He favors fruit-forward, clean, well-made wines with a great story to go along with them. Dan loves out-of-the-way wineries, and is always thrilled to be the first US importer to bring in wines from a particular region.


Dan believes that although navigating the world of wine can be complex, it is, in fact a beverage, and should be enjoyable first and foremost.

Elizabeth Beekley:

Elizabeth loves pastry. And cheese. And open-air markets. She'd stop on a dime or go miles out of the way to find the region's best (insert food item here.) The growing/raising/making of foodstuffs never ceases to amaze her. 


She's a former bakery owner, your trip chef, and your chef instructor. If you'd like to help out in the kitchen, she will happily put you to work (as long as you clean as you go!)


Elizabeth is also a hiking fanatic, and will invite you to join her for daily walks.